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Vimage is an Italian company which creates new technologies ideal to attract people, embellish spaces, improve customers services, increase sells, entertain people by adding extra value to any sort of experience.

The company develops interactive and poli-sensorial multimedia solutions which emotionally entertain users and communicate in an immediate yet powerful way. These solutions can be floors and walls that interact at people’s passage, multi-touch tables, virtual mirrors, holographic reproductions, fragrances diffusers, etc.

Such state-of-the art interactive systems can fully transform spaces and objects, as well as overall interaction modalities.

Therefore Vimage solutions can be powerful tools for:

Marketing and branding (to increase sells and brand fidelity)
Advertising and promotion (to improve the company image and convey messages)
Interior design (to embellish spaces and improve personal well-being)
 Entertainment (to loyalize customers by means of games and competitions)
Information (to inform and communicate)
Teaching (to teach and practice edutainment)