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Vimage fosters an in-house Research & Innovation Centre which carries out constant, sharply-focused activities of analysis, development and experimentation. All of the technologies underlying our products and services, arise from this nucleus, starting from concepts and creativity set in motion by constant, well-focused research. In the R&I Centre, we also create prototypes and patented products. Since the company originated, 8 name brands and 2 patents have been registered.

At Vimage, we believe that research is the indispensable means for creating new projects and truly innovative solutions. That is why we invest a conspicuous portion of our resources in this field. Our R&I Centre operates on the principle that any technology demands rigorous, well-structured study guided by scientific methods which guarantee maximum reliability and function in the finished product. Equally important is the systematic approach considering the human being as central to any type of technology or finished product; our company ethic demands that we use environmentally friendly operational methods. In fact, each of our products is conceived according to green logic, in full respect for the environment and living beings.

Today, our philosophy has clearly proved valid. In fact, we are not only a competitive firm in the area of hi-tech and multimedia; we also function as models for other firms in our sector.