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In this era of digital technology, when distances and relationships between men and machines are being redefined, we need new interactive systems and technologies.

That is precisely why Vimage is offering innovative technologies, through which man and space can meet and integrate, interacting in a way that is simple, and yet powerful and personalized. Thanks to poly-sensorial, multimedial interactive approaches, today we are able to enhance this process of mutual exchange, seen as an immediate, simple experience with high capacities for entertainment and emotional involvement.

Vimage offers state-of-the-art interactive multimedial systems and personalized, innovative technological solutions; various types of technology combine in multimedial and poly-sensorial processes, creating valuable products and services.

Such integrated systems aim primarily to improve people’s lives; in fact, we are convinced that technology should be at the service of any individual for the creation of their own ideal dimension, in which function, efficiency and design harmonically blend according to individual needs and taste.

We believe that the concept of interactive experience as a key to well-being applies not only to the private, personal sphere, but to the public, social dimension as well; all dimensions of human activity can potentially find enhancement through the experience, becoming more efficient, incisive and pleasant.

At Vimage, digital, visual, and audio technology, special lighting techniques, interactive devices, software, hardware and design are therefore integrated and fused, for the benefit of private companies, public agencies, and private associations.

Our solutions find a wide array of applications in private and public areas alike. They also offer modern business opportunities pertinent to a wide variety of goals, involving communication, advertising, entertainment, information, interior design, brand imaging, teaching, and many other fields.