Informative report and consent to processing of personal data

(Articles 13 and 23 of law by decree 196/03)

1.Personal Particulars: We inform you that the above law regulates the confidentiality of personal data and imposes a set of obligation on all those who deal with informationabout other individuals.
Among the requirements to be respected is that of informing the subject to whom the data refer as to how the data will be used. The “processing” of data means collection, recording, sorting, discussion, storing, consulting, cancellation and distribution or any combination of two or more of such operations.

2. The purpose of processing: In connection with the contractual relationship currently in force or which is established by a later agreement and in keeping with the provisions stated above, we inform you that the data referring to your company already in our possession or to be supplied in the future are necessary for purposes strictly connected to and vital to the management of business relationships:

– Administrative and accounting purposes
– The carrying out of economic activity and will therefore be processed in accordance with current legislation relating to business and industrial secrecy
– Purposes connected to requirements provided for by law, regulation, contract and by European Union prescription as well as by orders given by legally authorised groups and by security groups and therefore, according to the requirements of article 24 of law by decree 196/2003 “Testo unico sulla privacy” do not need consent for their processing

3. Means of processing.
– In magnetic data storage or paper data storage
– By individuals authorised in the performance of such tasks, continually supervised, appropriately trained and made aware of the limitations imposed by law by decree 196/2003 “Testo unico sulla privacy”.
– As a security measure with the aim of guaranteeing the privacy of the subject to whom the data refers, to avoid its illegal use by third parties or unauthorised personnel, in full respect of the minimum security measures set out in the technical regulations (Appendix B of law by decree 196/2003 “Testo unico sulla privacy”).

4. Bodies to whom the data may be communicated
For special functional, organisational, fiscal or legal reasons, the data may be referred to the following related to the carrying out of contractual obligations:
– Public or private bodies
– Other service companies linked to the activity
– Agents/ Customers/Supplies
– Legal, fiscal or debt collection agencies
– Banking institutions charged with the management of payments and receipts.

5. The obligatory nature of conferment of data. All data supplied are obligatory and are necessary to fulfil the requirements in point 2. We advise you that any refusal to supply your personal data and to authorise their communication to the bodies indicated in point 4 may make it impossible to complete the contractual relationship already in place or yet to be constituted.

6. Rights of the interested party: We inform you that in relation to the above-mentioned processing, you can exercise your rights under article 7 of law by decree 196/2003 “Testo unico sulla privacy”.
– (a) The updating, the correction that is when they concern you, the integration of data.
– (b) The cancellation, amendment into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including those which are not required to be kept for the reason they were collected and subsequently processed
– (c) The statement that the operations in which the event in letters (a) and (b) were brought to notice, including their content, to whom the data were communicated or broadcast, excluding cases in which such fulfilment is impossible or causes the use of substantially disproportionate means compared to the protected right.

7. Holder of processing: the holder of the processing of your personal data is: Vimage S.r.l. – Via Villatega, 19/H – 30030 – Salzano (VE) – Italy