Augmented reality


For Augmented Reality (abbreviated AR) or computer-mediated reality, means the enrichment of human sensory perception through information manipulated and conveyed electronically. Our augmented and interactive reality solutions allow you to virtually enrich objects, people, places and environments with what you want to enhance the communication of a company, to create fun games, to add information details and improve your customer’s experience.

The information added by the augmented reality solution can be of a visual and auditory type, and can be viewed on displays, smartphones, tablets…

The interactive augmented reality system consists of hardware and display devices (e.g. projection, display, tablet, smartphone, etc.), a camera that captures the real world (setting, people and possibly objects)) and some specific software that Vimage customize for your bespoke project.

There are many opportunities offered by this type of technology:

  • The user, filmed by a webcam, can be admired in a virtual world,
  • The user can find virtual components on his body, such as clothes, accessories, etc.
  • The user will be able to impersonate a virtual role and see himself virtually transformed, for example into an avatar, an animal, a specific fictional or historical character, etc.).

Magic Outfit

Among the various augmented reality solutions offered by Vimage, the Magic Outfit software allows you to virtually wear assessors and save the created looks, with the possibility of sharing them also on the web (sites, Facebook, email…).

Magic Outfit is a software that can be installed in various technological supports, from the interactive touchscreen showcase, to the digital mirror, and much more. It can be integrated into multimedia systems made up of displays of various sizes, for the optimal display of the face or the whole figure and to satisfy any communication and promotion need.

The only indispensable requirement for the correct functioning of the software is the presence of a webcam that can capture the user’s image, in order to then be able to process it virtually.

Magic Outfit finds optimal applications in points of sale, fashion fairs, showrooms, beauty centers and wellness centers, and is an extremely useful tool for the customer in his decision-making choices, since it is a support capable of illustrating hypothetical looks in an absolutely realistic. The product in addition to its primary functionality such as sales aid, represents a powerful entertainment tool, used in theme parks, museums, special events, etc.


  • Customers can comfortably mirror themselves with the addition of a virtual garment or object, without having to really try it on, but with an absolutely realistic image;
  • This software increases the predisposition to purchase; shopping acquires considerable added value for the public, both for the practical service offered and for the entertainment it conveys;
  • Installed in the window, Magic Outfit opens up a world of possibilities to the customer: without entering the store, or even when the store is closed – such as at night – the product allows passers-by to be able to admire themselves with certain objects and accessories;
  • The fashion brand or store is associated with a modern, innovative and fresh image;
  • The public will live an emotional experience of great impact and added value.