Virtual Hostess–Avatar


Virtual people who entertain

t is possible to create virtual human figures that tell stories and transmit content in a truly amazing way; these are holographic avatars that give the appearance of being real, as they are three-dimensional.

Vimage offers this customizable solution based on your project and desire that allows you to give shape to virtual people of real size, full-length or half-length, who welcome the public, tell stories even in multiple languages, illustrate commercial offers, give directions for orient yourself in environments, etc.

It is also possible to make the avatars interactive with the integration of our other specific technologies and software.


– The public is intrigued and captured by this new mode of communication

– The avatar manages to raise the audience’s attention threshold and make the experience more memorable

– The contents described acquire appeal


Airdraw.Box and Airdraw.Maxi

Holographic screen

Transparent displays