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–          Using an innovative and involving communication and illustration tool;

–          Using an amazing and audience captivating tool;

–          Using a spectacular interior design tool.


Next.Board is an interactive digital table equipped with a customizable navigation menu or different dynamic graphic effects.

In particular, this technological product generates a special interactive top-to-bottom projection on any type of raised plane surface.

The specific features behind this product allow the users to interact with the multimedia contents without any physical contact.


The plane surface projected interactive area can vary in size and format.

Different formats


With its circular format projections, Next.Board is some kind of a “command” table to choose from a spectacular selection of multimedia contents.

A support suitable to reach a wider audience is often combined with this table to allow these contents viewing (ex. LCD, wall projections, etc.).

This solution is meant to be ideal for conferences, exhibitions and museums as it able to substantially involve the audience in a high added value experience process.

The rectangular Next.Board format on the other hand has a larger entertainment scope. Its interactive scenarios are rather meant for entertainment, design, and gaming and would therefore be perfect for fair trades, events, public spaces, etc.

Other optional technological systems such as the fragrance diffusor SensAir, or many others, can additionally strengthen the table’s functions.

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