Next.Screen Interactive Wall


Funny animated walls

Next.Screenis a technological system aimed at creating vertical interactive projections. This system therefore gives birth to virtual walls where different types of multimedia scenarios interact with the people’s movements with highly suggestive visual and sound effects.

No physical contact with the vertical surfaces is necessary to enliven the walls: special sensors detect people’s presence and activate the system in-line with their movements.

The viewable contents are particularly realistic with their distinguished quality graphics but not only, they are three-dimensional and highly customizable: it is indeed possible to choose from a wide range of scenarios, or create one specifically in order to communicate through images, figures, abstract effects, corporate logos, etc.

Further Intergrations

Integrating Next.Screen with other Vimage interactive systems, such as Next.Carpet, can strengthen its functions and create a c omplete immersive solution. The product can moreover be combined with other optional technological systems such as the fragrance diffusor SensAir and/or many others.

Interactive wall projections can have a great appeal used in the retail environment, either in the store or in an interactive consultation showcase.


– Using a innovative and involving communication and entertainment tool;

– Using the device for an interior design purpose

– Implementing an interactive and multi-sensory marketing strategy.


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