Next.Pro professional system


Unleash your creativity

Next.Pro is an exceptional system developed by Vimage to easily make various types of display surfaces interactive such as video projections, displays, led walls, etc. for endless applications at trade fairs, shops, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and bars…

It is a unique and powerful solution, ideal for professional audience audiovisual and multimedia professionals (e.g. installers, system integrators, fitters, etc.) looking for a flexible and reliable tool to transform any surface into an interactive and offer its customers communication solutions and interactive design of high value, impact and dynamism.

Animate environments with virtual scenarios

In fact, Next.Pro can from time to time be interfaced with display technologies of different types, shapes and sizes based on the intended use of them.

The system can be customized and also applied on shaped surfaces, guaranteeing full application flexibility.

It is also possible to request the development and customization service of interactive digital scenarios based on one’s own and/or customers’ needs.


Possibility of shaping highly different interactive multimedia contexts and responding to the most varied design and communication needs at fairs, in shops, in showrooms, in hotels, at events, etc.;

– Increase of its competitiveness, offer of added value compared to the competition, with consequent increase in profits.

Hardware e Software

Vimage IMUV 3D sensor

Mediaserver Vimage embedded.

– Software for the management and creation of predefined interactive scenarios.


NC Flex Interactive Floor

NC Plus Interactive Floor

Next.Screen Interactive Wall

Next.Board Interactive Table

Next.Space Interactive Spaces

Ultimate Bar