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Among our five senses, the smell is the one that has the greatest impact on our emotions and subconscious.

A perfume or an odour always conveys a message, remind us something, act on our emotions, and have a significant impact on people. Think for example of how a bad smell can be irritating, or how some specific scents can move you because they recall some pleasant memory.

Despite these considerations, fragrances are not yet used as an effective communication tool, especially in comparison to words and sounds, or pictures and gestures.

Fragrances for communication and business purposes


An emotional approach based on a multisensory vision of reality is  needed in an efficient and effective communication or to create a long-term and high added value experience. That is why the olfactory dimension unquestionably has to be taken into consideration.

The olfactory diffusions are not intended to solely increase the people’s wellbeing, they also are a powerful business tool because they allow to:

–  Create olfactory logos with which the brand can be communicated in a much faster and direct way;

–  Implement olfactory marketing strategies;

–  Improve the corporate image;

–  Strengthen the integrated communication;

–  Increase sales;

– And much much more.

Studies show that commercial and public spaces in which scents are diffused tend to be more pleasant than others, even if the offered services and/or their design are equivalent. The brand’s appreciation and its purchase can be majorly influenced by this perception.


Fragrances for personal well-being


Fragrances can give a sense of comfort and well-being. They can help us to fight stress and anxiety, as they can give us pleasant and positive sensations.

The sense of smell can convey good vibrations, which can change our perception of a space: therefore fragrance diffusors are a powerful tool for the creation of comfortable rooms, for us but also for our guests.


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