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Vimage has been able to meet its clients’ specific expectations for several years now by taking care of the entire highly customized multimedia solutions’ realization process.

The company seeks, designs, manufactures and sets-up this solution according to specific expectations, follows every step of the process and finally guarantees an efficient customer support.

The company pledges constant commitment and collaboration in every single step of this implementation in order to precisely and exhaustively ensure the clients’ needs.

Quality Solutions (QS) is Vimage’s design and engineering activities dedicated department. Heartbeat Sudio flanks it in the multimedia contents’ production. QS has a wide-ranging team, from creator to engineers, including programmers, designers and technical experts. The department has its own internal division dedicated to the museum sector and more specifically to the art world projects.

With such a multitude of characters and know-how, Vimage is able to manage the entire keychain process of its own multimedia applications. Everything is taking for of internally, from the application’s design to the customer service activities.

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