Advertising & Promotion


Interactive and poli-sensorial technologies

There are nowadays many corporations that adopt below-the-line advertising strategies, either to support their above-the line communication, or as exclusive and favoured promotion instruments.

That is why creating immersive scenarios and getting people emotionally involved with such tools are key elements to stream easily remembered contents and be sufficiently incisive in the consumer’s decision-making process.

A public that is more and more expert about web and mobile services has a great influence on the advertising and promotional paradigms: a clear push is given to mobile phone and web advertising.

Seeking promotional tools and innovative communication ways moving along with the times. The multimedia interactive systems are fascinating means allowing to:

    1. Create and strengthen the communication between corporation and clients,
    2. Emphasize the client-product interaction ,
    3. Customize the advertising means and contents .

Vimage develops, in collaboration with its clients, the necessary technologies and support to achieve their specific and customized advertising goals.

Vimage has conceived and developed offers ranging from interactive showcases, touch-screen, multi-touch and touch-less surfaces, multimedia kiosks, to the social network integration, the rfid tags use, proximity marketing tools, facial recognition software, and many others… All of these solutions can be used for advertising and promotional purposes in retail stores, public places, exhibitions, events, promotional tours, …They allow a better communication not only with clients, but also with dealers, employees, and with the public generally speaking.

Vimage can support communication and advertising agencies in the practical concept and idea implementation that enable futurism, technology, and interactivity in the foreground. This is why the company is the ideal technological partner able to design and therefore develops any type of customized solution.

Moreover, Vimage offers advertising and innovative communication tools, ble to shape public spaces line out the landscape of advertising media available in this field.