Marketing & Sales


Powerful branding tools

It is fundamental for companies to be able to provide products and services with a high added value, to create a unique experience, out of their brands and enhance the offered purchasing process.

The new technologies could be the perfect tool to achieve these objectives: they define great impact emotional experiences able to magnify the companies’ multiple advertising, marketing and branding strategies. It is not a coincidence that these new technologies increasingly emerge as the ideal tools for emotional and sensorial marketing.

An exclusive clients’ exchange space can especially be created in retail stores in order to build their loyalty and give a major added value to their purchase.

This can be done using interactive solutions allowing the implementation of tailored strategies to each individual customer and maybe even establish a bi-directional dialogue acknowledging important marketing information imperative to properly address the company’s customer needs based offer. These functional and/or entertainment application services are not only meant to make the shopping experience exclusive but are also formulated to let the company’s communication work further on, at home and on social networks.

Customers will be able to virtually try the desired cloths on, see digital catalogues, communicate with interactive displays, play in the store, and chat and/or share their looks with friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

All of these solutions characterize the last generation flagship stores but are also implemented, in a temporary or permanent manor, in every type of retail point because they influence when and how people should go to the store and even their purchase intent.