3D Holographic Screen


Great visual impact

Among our solutions we offer particular screens that allow you to create a holographic effect starting from projections of video content.. It is thus possible to represent virtual three-dimensional (3D) objects by means of projections on holographic film/screen. These are fully customizable solutions that can be used in different environments.

The projection of the video can take place on films and screens of various formats and sizes, even shaped (dynamic company logo or other shapes).

hese solutions are perfect for creating visual suggestions, making a space particularly immersive and evocative, virtually representing 3D objects in an open space, all in the name of spectacularisation and emotional involvement of the public.


– High suggestion

– Creation of original solutions with high visual impact

– Very discreet film, with a small footprint and no visible wiring



Airdraw.Box and Airdraw.Maxi

Transparent displays

Virtual Hostess – Avatar