Didactic Method and Edutainment

Educate, teach and train: three extremely important actions that presuppose a very complex issue, the one of the most efficient didactic method.

In a world of constant technological changes, where the youngest generation are called “native ITs”, it seems to be fundamental to newly determine and outline the teaching and communication methods and tools.. From thereon, this necessity expands itself to all types of user and objectives (teaching, training, etc.), didactic methods.

All sorts of IT devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) daily sink into more people’s lives, and unmistakably into the youngest ones, the didactic method’s main focus. Using these technologies to transmit any sorts of contents implies speaking this audience’s language. In other words, conquer their appreciation and being trust worthier to their eyes.

The concept of edutainment, (educational entertainment) is gaining remarkable importance in the educational field.
Beyond the preferential educational place, that is the schools, there are a multitude of places within various institutions and organizations, such as museums, training centres, sports clubs and associations, and many others.

These places are known to use a less rigid and more relaxed teaching method to be a, place of fun and entertainment,but absolutely not as a vehicle of a less efficient and/or poorer educational value.

These interactive technologies are able to involve and entertain the users by letting the users become actors, by breaking down the boundary between them and their teacher/communicator who appears to be a knowledge leader. This didactic method has obvious positive effect as regards learning, memorization and self-confidence..