Airdraw.Box and Airdraw.Maxi


Realistic and in motion! and Airdraw.maxi are three-dimensional and holographic rendering tools ideal for illustrating, communicating, teaching and entertaining illustrate, and they find commercial application in the retail and advertising environment, but can also be used as a powerful didactic application in the field of educational entertainment.

As a matter of fact, they impress and emotionally involve the public being used in museums, as they convey incisive and easily remembered contents and information.

This product’s most futuristic aspect does not only lie in the object integration type, that is touch-less, but especially in its ability to activate the 3D object’s three-dimensional movement in its 360° management.

Airdraw.Maxi therefore exceeds futuristic science fiction films such as the famous “Minority Report” as it goes beyond the optical two-dimensional display.

Is a holographic reproduction device that displays moving three-dimensional contents in an extremely realistic and entirely customizable way.


Is a holographic reproduction device that not only allows to view, but also to interact with the three-dimensional contents:the user can in fact freely move them with a simple hand gesture in the air, without any physical contact.


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