Exhibitions & Fairs


Be different, impress the public

Events and exhibitions, due to their unrepeatable and temporary characteristic, lend themselves, more than other communication and marketing forms, to spectacular solutions deemed to closely involve the public.

In such a context, more and more companies find it imperative to use new multimedia technologies with an interactive stand, or in corporate events, to let their clients live emotional experiences of great visual impact, useful to strengthen their corporate image.

Interactivity and multi-sensoriality are key elements in innovation and brand values communication and have obvious commercial returns. Floors that change according to the people’s passage, touch-based or touch-less interactivity technology, technical lighting solutions, audio-video effects, immersive multisensory paths, etc. are some of the customized solutions that Vimage offers to the companies wanting to strengthen their image and communication in a completely innovative and highly seductive technological way (particularly suitable for exhibitions).

These solutions can either be hired or bought. Vimage is moreover the ideal partner for exhibition stand builders and event organizers, as it can give a technological body and form to every creative idea.