NC Flex Interactive Floor


Walk on a virtual dimension!

Next.Carpet Flex is an innovative technology capable of transforming any floor into a magically immersive virtual world.

The device is installed on the ceiling and uses a top to bottom projection to give birth to a virtual carpet of pictures and interactive films.

Each and every floor can be animated with endless digital graphics that change in-line with people’s movements through great emotional visual and sound effects: fun guaranteed!

Next.Carpet Flex gives space to your own imagination to select or create endless interactive scenarios such as a virtual lawn on which blossoms a flower at each user’s step or a tropical sea with lots of fish that escape when the public gets closer, etc.

The interactive area dimensions vary according to the ceiling’s height.


How does it work?

The system consists of a device installed on the ceiling and a management software, i that can be installed on an external computer, allowing you to control and manage the interactive projections from the comfort of your computer.

A quick check via smartphone or tablet (via web-based interface) is another available option.


– Using a new and highly stimulating way to strengthen your immagine ;

Public’s emotionalinvolvement and increasing wellbeing;

– Attract new potential clients and increase customer retention;

Economic returns on the business level.


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