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Digital Surfer is a virtual catalog technical solution consisting in hardware and software components that allow the management of the company’s wide variety of products and/or services as well as their presentation.

It is a modular solution consisting of:

1. An entry-level mediaserver with a 22” touchscreen display (in its standard version) as hardware;

2. An autonomous content navigation software (GUI) and the product database management software.



– Using an innovative and effective communication tool replacing the obsolete paper catalog;

–  Fast and modern products/services consultation;

–  Automatic catalogue update according to company management;

–  Ability to display products and services not being limited by their storage and/or immediate availability.

Hardware & Software Features


– Video quality ( High Brightness Full HD touchscreen display)

–  24/7 intensive use

– Low maintenance profile

– Self diagnostic via Vimage OS, for a constant screening of the device functioning

– Ethernet or wireless connectivity

– Automatic products/services update

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