NC Plus Interactive Floor


Walk on a virtual dimension!

Next.Carpet Plus is the ideal product for events’ organizers, architects, advertisers, and all the others who may be interested in a particularly large interactive projection able to impress and involve the public (ex.: trade fairs context, showrooms, large public spaces, etc.).

With this product version it is indeed possible to make particularly large or medium to low bright spaces’ floors interactive.

NC Plus is a professional system able to project on a common floor a graphic scenario in which digital contents interact with people’s movements and have a great emotional impact and a guaranteed success.

Next.Carpet Plus is an all-in-one solution integrating hardware components (a device to be installed on the ceiling) and management software that can also be used in remote.

The integrated software provides an extensive 2D and 3D interactive effect, all customisable, and a library (for example for the corporate logo o with ad hoc created multimedia contents).


– Endless virtual contents suiting specific needs and tastes can be created given space to your imagination.

– Your own preferences can program, even on a daily basis, various effects: switching from virtual flowered lawns to tropical seas, sports contents, gaming, and much much more, becomes a game, your game.


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