Next.Space Interactive Spaces


Centralized and synchronized control

Next.Space s a professional synchronized Vimage technology management system, useful to create an especially suggestive and immersive virtual space.

This package, composed of hardware and software, makes it possible to integrate various interactive Next surfaces and manage them from a computer, even in a remote way.

Next.Space can be furthermore combined with other Vimage products such as the fragrance diffusor SensAir and/or other external devices.


• The hardware consists in a serverlwhose architecture has been designed and optimized to guarantee high multiple technological systems’ managerial performances.

• The web-based software will have to be installed on a computer running Windows XP, Vista or Seven to be connected the devices’ network.


– Multiple technologies centralized control;

Easy use and set ups;

– Excellent support for those involved in virtual reality and multisensory simulations, especially in the medical, educational and training fields.


NC Flex Interactive Floor

NC Plus Interactive Floor

Next.Screen Interactive Wall

Next.Board Interactive Table

Next.Pro professional system

Ultimate Bar