Transparent displays


Creation of virtual showcases

Transparent displays (transparent screens or transparent displays) are highly innovative and recently introduced solutions on the market, perfect for surprising and involving the public.

They allow you to convey any content normally transmitted by a traditional monitor, with the difference of being totally transparent surfaces.

These particular very thin devices that can be used for many creative applications, give the impression that the transmitted images ‘float’ in the display with a holographic effect.

These displays are optimal for creating narrative display cases: in fact, applied to the glass of a transparent box, they allow you to admire the real content displayed inside the box, at the same time conveying dynamic contents on the surface of the display case.

This new and captivating transparent screen, technological solution is particularly appreciated in the museum field.


– The transparent screens can be integrated with our other IMUV 3D touchless interactive technologies or touchscreen and multi-touch based on your creativity and application needs.

– It’s a transparent display, so you can see everything behind it.

– The displays are available in various formats

– The solution can be integrated into various technical furnishing arrangements


Airdraw.Box and Airdraw.Maxi

Holographic screen

Virtual Hostess – Avatar