Multimedia totems


Soluzioni personalizzate ed efficaci

Vimage produces a wide range of interactive multimedia totems. These are powerful tools, mostly intended for information and deepening of contents, therefore ideal in public environments and where it is necessary to communicate with a user.

More and more often, interactive totems are also used for purposes advertising and promotional to convey brand values, product information, and above all to entertain the public, based on the recent strategies of emotional marketing.

Vimage totems are self-supporting, therefore easy to install, equipped with an interactive touchscreen or multi-touch display.

We build and customize the design, hardware and software according to your specific needs.

These technological solutions can also be equipped with many supplementary options to be able to spread aromas in the environment, take photos and videos to share on social networks, print documents, distribute gadgets, etc.

Contact us to find out about all the customization opportunities!

Among the multitude of customized solutions, Wow.Kiosk is the Vimage totem that has received particular recognition for its unique and elegant design, which makes it perfect for trade fair contexts and prestigious events.


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