Public Administration


Back office and front desk technologies

Citizens often associate the public administration to a too slow and inefficient bureaucracy image.

It is essential for public offices to have a better knowledge of technology and more innovative computer systems that facilitate the everyday life and make the processes more proficient because they properly have to be able to offer and give a wide range of services.

New technologies should not only be used as a back-office support or to assist the staff in the fulfilment of its duties. In fact, they should also be exploited by the front offices where the administration’s image is outlined.

That is why they should be taken into consideration for their communication and information scope, as a didactic and training mean and, why not, even as an entertainment and leisure tool. Tourism offices, museums, and other local entities should indeed not only offer their services but should also be able topresent themselves as competitive and avant-garde.

Vimage can offer appropriate interaction means to all of these administration entities: info points, interactive surfaces, touch and multi-touch tables, interactive showcases, and much more.